Monday, 28 July 2008


Just heard that IBM have swallowed up another product! Apparently this will provide ILOG customers with
"a full set of rule management tools for complete information and application lifecycle management across a comprehensive platform including IBM's leading WebSphere application development and management platform."

This basically means RSA will probably come bundled with JRules and projects will probably be encouraged (forced) to go with websphere if they choose to go with JRules.

I just find this quite funny, as for the last couple of years on my project, ILOG have complained websphere is no good, the IBM jdk is no good, and the rule studio plugin doesn't play well with RSA. IBM have complained that JRules has a ton of peformance issues and a whole load of other stuff.

I wonder what the guys at JBoss think. Before this they were the only ones who could provide a complete suite of application server and rules etc.

So this will probably bring ILOG into the mainstream, so nowhere is safe from the bpm and brms!

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